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British Formula 3 Racing Talent Ayrton Simmons Seeks £100k Sponsorship To Reach F1 Goal

When three-times F1 Brazilian Champion AYRTON SENNA tragically died during San Marino’s Grand Prix, F3 British Racing Driver AYRTON SIMMONS was not born yet, but that didn’t stop his parents name him after the great man himself. Today, Simmons is making his own name by breaking records and following his role model all the way to F1

OUR TEAM, met with AYRTON SIMMONS who has started Racing Karting at the age of 5 after watching F1 on TV and today he is due to compete in F3, Ayrton said:

“From a very young age I knew that Racing would not only become my profession, but my life’s passion”.

Meeting at the affluent Ten Trinity Private Members Club in the City of London, Ayrton has set his eye on the ultimate price – racing in Formula 1 by 2025. His dedicated father, STEVE SIMMONS, acts as the leader of the Team. At present the Team is raising £100,000 in order to successfully compete in the F3 and strategically advance to F2, the possibilities for investors are vast; not only they can support an upcoming talent, but also enjoy a stake in the business as global racing is worth £10bn annually.

Ayrton, why has Senna become such a huge inspiration in your life?

Because of his driving ability and the fact that he was an amazing human being helping the children of Brazil and got the whole country united when it came to watching Formula. Another personal idol is Lewis Hamilton because he has achieved what I am trying to achieve - he came from a modest background like myself and won the F1 five times. These icons inspire me to never give up on my dreams, and always fight to achieve the best.

What is your track record?

I participated in the Madrid Championship for six times (2008/9/10/11/12/15) and won four championships in three different categories, the Comer Cadet, Rotax Minimax and Rotax Junior. I also participated in the Iberica Cup in Spain and Portugal twice, finishing third in one occasion and winning in the second attempt - this qualified me to compete in the Rotax World Finals in 2012. Out of an international field of 32 young drivers, I went on to win in the karting world finals - becoming the youngest ever winner at the age of 11. After significant amount of work, I started the British Formula 4 and became the youngest rookie winner in my very first race. This year I became the 2018 FIA British Formula 4 vice-champion with 5 pole positions, 3 fastest laps, 12 podiums, 4 race wins and a total of 374 points. I also broke the record for points held in my time in Formula 4 with a total of 713 points. For me finishing second in British Formula 4 is my biggest achievement, although winning at the world karting finals in 2012 is the win I cherish the most. The reason why I cherish it the most is because of how badly qualifying went after having a puncture and qualifying 29th, I then won the final from 29th on the grid, so that made the victory very special!

What are you plans for 2019 and what can you tell us about your car?

My plan for 2019 is to compete in the BRDC British Formula 3 Championship. The car is powered by a 2-liter Cosworth engine providing 230-brake horse- power. The aerodynamic set-up includes a highly adjustable front wing and a two-piece rear wing and a F1 style front splitter and rear diffuser, which provides high down force. Although, if I did have a higher budget with the support of sponsorships, I wouldn’t say no to the FIA Formula 3 (EU), which follows the Formula 1 calendar. Unfortunately, due to our limited budgets there isn’t much preparation driving between seasons. Just some practice days, which gives us two months to prepare before the racing begins in April. At this point it’s all about getting the amount of funding to enable me to get a contract with the right team for next year. The ultimate preparations I undertake at present are to keep my physical levels up to a maximum so that I am ready to drive the car.

Which opportunities can you provide to potential sponsors prior, during and after event?

We are looking to raise £1k-£100k and the sponsors would have a personalized package made depending upon requirement, including: Complete/Partial Car Company Branding, Race Suit/Helmet (Logo), race day point of sale, VIP helicopter travel with guest champagne reception, all access to pit areas, personal drivers coaching, simulators sessions and even training and tuition to drive Ayrton’s Single Seater car.

Indeed, we think that this is a unique opportunity to support British racing, as in F1 for example the entry level for sponsor is in the tens of millions, therefore Simmons can help a company or an individual to really experience British racing at a fraction of the cost.

For more information about Ayrton Simmons, F3 and motor sport sponsorship opportunities, please email:

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