Partners Content: Velaa Luxury PRIVATE ISLAND Maldives 'Wellness Gateway'

Frequently named one of the world’s finest resorts, Velaa Private Island in the Maldives is passionate about the promotion of health and wellbeing. Drawing upon the finest in modern day technology, this beyond luxury resort has announced a bespoke Energising Programme that allows guests to understand the in-depth details of their genetic makeup, and reap the benefits of genome and DNA profiling, carefully curated nutrition, non-invasive body sculpting along with better sleep and immersion in deep relaxation.

Led by a team of experts including an on-site doctor, nutritionist and multi-skilled instructors, this experience is customised for each guest and starts with a private consultation where a personalised programme and implementation strategy is created and completely tailored around the individual’s genome with the use of a high-tech full body scanner.

Velaa Private Island is a Maldives hotel offering an astonishingly good restaurant, private pools, white sand beaches, and a range of activities, including tennis, golf and watersports.