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Partners Content: Velaa Luxury PRIVATE ISLAND Maldives 'Wellness Gateway'

Frequently named one of the world’s finest resorts, Velaa Private Island in the Maldives is passionate about the promotion of health and wellbeing. Drawing upon the finest in modern day technology, this beyond luxury resort has announced a bespoke Energising Programme that allows guests to understand the in-depth details of their genetic makeup, and reap the benefits of genome and DNA profiling, carefully curated nutrition, non-invasive body sculpting along with better sleep and immersion in deep relaxation.

Led by a team of experts including an on-site doctor, nutritionist and multi-skilled instructors, this experience is customised for each guest and starts with a private consultation where a personalised programme and implementation strategy is created and completely tailored around the individual’s genome with the use of a high-tech full body scanner.

Velaa Private Island is a Maldives hotel offering an astonishingly good restaurant, private pools, white sand beaches, and a range of activities, including tennis, golf and watersports.

The GenSmart scan produces an in-depth genetic report which details everything from food intolerances, cognitive performance, metabolic rates and body types alongside with the most suitable exercise regime to ensure optimal health. With this, a curated itinerary is planned out and includes an advanced meal plan, fitness regime including running, spinning, HIIT, strength and circuit training as well as mindful offerings such as oceanfront yoga and seaside meditation set to the soundtrack of the lapping waves alongside skilled guidance from resident island instructors, Sri and Maulim.

With a calming energy, Sri specialises in yoga and has a black belt in Karate. Complementing this, Maulim is a professional sports women and a physical educationist-fitness instructor with a traditional Hatha Yoga experience. With a double masters in Physical Education and a Nutritionist background, her specialty is dealing with guests from all over the world and customising training based on whole body workouts using body weight.

The Island also embraces a holistic approach to wellness, with its futuristic Cloud 9 relaxation facility. Created by Viennese Artist and Perception Researcher Sha as a comprehensive and holistic relaxation experience, Cloud 9 is a multi-sensory blend of colour and light & acoustic therapy with a video and spatial concept inside a swinging pod which encourages deep relaxation. Velaa’s Spa My Blend by Clarins was also recently awarded ‘Best Luxury Private Island Spa in Indian Ocean’, and provides a selection of Asian-inspired therapies including Ayurveda to enhance and promote health and longevity. Located on one of the most exclusive private islands in the world, guests on this programme have the opportunity to take full advantage of Velaa’s incredible fitness facilities such as the tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, water sports and golf academy.

The Energising Programme at Velaa Private Island starts at £530 a day. Programmes include specialist consultations, wellness and gym activities, spa treatments, nutritional supplements and a spa gift hamper. For more information or to book your ultimate escape of luxury solitude, please visit:

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