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Champel Capital: Gateway to Israel’s Startup Ecosystem (Promotion)

CHAMPEL CAPITAL, founded in 2017 by AMIR WEITMANN, an investment specialist, provides unique investment opportunities, directly into some of Israel emerging start-ups. Differentiating itself from VCs, Champel Capital enables qualified investors to pick and choose qualified companies and invest directly into them as oppose to investing into a fund, thus delivering greater investment personalisation and control.

The firm operates in one of the world’s most competitive markets; Israel. According to the World Bank there are more start-ups in Israel (per capita) than any other place on earth besides California’s famed ‘Silicon Valley’. Hence, opportunities are vast, but also the risks, therefore Weitmann created the firm, to assist HNWI's with controlled investments outside of the VC space.

How do you utilise Special Investment Vehicles (SPV)?

For each investment there is an SPV which invests in the target company, whereas the clients invest in the SPV and all clients invest as one group in a company. If there is enough demand from clients, a personalised SPV can be set up where clients own 100% of SPV. We have concluded eleven deals so far; we charge a 2% structuration fees covering deal-costs and take 20% carry, up to 4X returns and 25% above that. This structure is very competitive and designed to align our interests with our clients.

What is your vision for Israel's startup ecosystem?

We wish to see Israel’s economy, innovation and technologies continue to shape the 21st century.

Our long-term strategy is to work with a few dozen HNWI's on 8 to 10 deals per year investing several millions per transaction. We invest in companies that are about to breakthrough, have proven business models and have considerable traction and/or extensive market validation. When the right opportunity present itself we invest in early-stage companies but in principle we strive to take companies from series A-B through to Exit/M&A/IPO.

Our mission is to assist the next generation of entrepreneurs fulfil upon their vision whilst providing multiple returns for our investors - we would be delighted to work with you.

To learn further about investments into Israel’s technology sector, visit:

For an introductory consultation, email: aweitmann@champelcapital

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