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Second Part Expert Advice By Psychologist Susie Ambrose, Founder of HNWI's Matchmaking Agency Seventy Thirty

March 14, 2018

Everyone has different ideas or expectations about their ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’ partner and how they envisage their perfect relationship, which is entirely natural. But according to Susie Ambrose Founder of Seventy Thirty Matchmaking Agency this can be counter productive in finding a partner.

Silja Litvin's New Psychology App Aims To Revolutionise Wellbeing

July 08, 2017

Today, apps enable us to book a cab, fast food or a cup of coffee, but can they provide us with more personal assistance, for example mental health? Our Columnist SILJA LITVIN discusses her new mental health app PSYCAPPS and its medically proven benefits. 

The Power of Love - First Part Interview With Relationships Psychotherapist Susie Ambrose

December 02, 2016

Susie Ambrose, a trained Psychotherapist, uses scientifically proven methods to evaluate people compatibilities. Since 1999, Ambrose and her team of eleven psychologists and relationship experts have brought to the world over 55 newborns via their service. In an era where people have a personal tailor, trainer, assistant or private chef, some also choose a personal matchmaker. Our correspondent visited Seventy Thirty, a bespoke matchmaking agency for high-net-worth-individuals, which offers memberships from £15k to £50k per year. 

Positive Psychology For Female Entreprenuers

July 02, 2016

Most entrepreneurs face a variety of challenges when starting or running a business. Ideas need financing, ideas need a comfortable environment to grow in, as well as a clear strategy. Entrepreneurs have to invest their time and resources wisely and take care of the way they perceive competitors, the market and most importantly - the way they perceive themselves. It is very important to feel fulfilled, self-motivated and surround ourselves with driven and ambitious people. SILJA LITVIN evaluates the personal development path towards reaching financial independence and professional goals. 

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