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Mayfair Prestige Review: Supercars in London

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Mayfair Prestige is a specialist supercar dealership based in Marylebone. Operating for 8 years, the dealership acquires and sells some of the rarest cars in the world. We speak to Manager DANIEL EDGINGTON about the newest models, industry trends and the vision for the dealerships.


Mayfair Prestige is located in a quiet residential street in Mayfair, London. Many pedestrians who walk nearby are completely unaware that the discreet building is actually a showroom for supercars worth millions of pounds. This was the intention of the owners who wanted to create a secluded supercar haven where customers purchase supercars for up to £2,000,000, with utmost privacy and comfort.

Mayfair Prestige showroom is very discreet. Why didn’t you open a ‘Berkeley Square style’ grandiose display?

The idea is to provide a more personalised service within a relaxed environment. Some dealerships waste fifty percent of their time answering questions from car enthusiasts who are only interested in taking pictures of the cars or touching them. Our showroom is hard to find. A lot of research has to be made before you arrive to us. Therefore we know that whoever walks through our door is a serious buyer.

Which makes of car have you sold to date? What was the most expensive one and who are your clients?

We have sold Bugatti Veyron, Brabus, Rolls-Royce, McLaran, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Mercedes. The most expensive car I ever sold was a Veyron for £650,000. However we have sold a car for £1,250,000. Our client base ranges from business leaders to athletes, property developers, jewellers, financiers and more. Usually our clients are not first-time Ferrari buyers for example, as these tend to go to mainstream showrooms. Our buyers are more established and have probably had 2 to 3 supercars beforehand. We have seen the whole spectrum of the market, including serious collectors with up to 25 rare vehicles.

The atmosphere in the showroom is a little bit playful, fun and relaxed. Is this planned?

Look; supercars are fun so this should not be taken too seriously. Of course it is true that we deal with highly expensive items, but the trade should be celebrated. Almost every day our customers come in; we sit down for a meal, talk about cars and do business. We enjoy this approach and so do they. Over the years many friendships have been formed because people trust us. Mayfair Prestige is not a broker; we own our continually expanding stock that is currently worth in the region of £10,000,000. Furthermore, some dealers advertise cars they don’t actually have in order look good, whereas any car listed on our website is available immediately.

What is the long-term vision of Mayfair Prestige?

I would like to offer our clients access to some of the rarest cars in the world. We want to specialise in the crème de la crème of supercars including: Pagani, Koenigsegg, McLaren, Mansory and Maybach. I foresee that we are going buy more quality cars in the future. 

Tomer Ben, CEO & Founder of Solomon Mines with Nancy Spielberg

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