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Jack Ma

Solomon Mines, Media Partner

'Israel Prime Minister Innovation Summit' 

Speakers: Jack Ma, Eric Schmidt

Israel Innovation Summit

The Israel PM Innovation Summit, is held in cooperation with the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, which will announce the grand opening of "The Israeli Innovation Center" as part of the Summit.


The Summit will discuss new ways to harness the power of innovation – a field in which Israel has excelled ever since its establishment - to make the world a better place. The Summit will host leading figures in Israeli innovation and prominent groundbreaking figures from across the world who are leading the way in various fields.  They will discuss, along with  industry officials, the numerous emerging global challenges and ways to address them. Innovation has always been an essential part of Israel's legacy and heritage, pre-dating the nation's establishment and interwoven throughout the history of the Jewish people. 


Israel is, in many ways, a pioneering country, possessing an inexhaustible number of exceptionally creative minds and exporting advanced and original solutions to global challenges around the world.


The Prime Minister’s Israeli Innovation Summit will focus on three main issues:  


Innovation for Human Sustainability  


In a world where human life expectancy is ever on the rise, are we capable of providing for a healthy and meaningful life through the age of 120?  


Innovation for Social Sustainability  


How do we keep society safe in a connected world?


Innovation for Global Sustainability  


In a world supporting 9 billion people, how can we ensure that each individual enjoys enough food, water, clean air, energy, and shelter?


The Peres Center is now establishing "The Israeli Innovation Center" within its space in Jaffa.


The Israeli Innovation Center will open its doors in October 2018, and will showcase the incredible story of Israel – the innovation nation. It will promote Israeli innovation across a variety of sectors, and will share its unique story and impact with visitors from Israel and around the globe.

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