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The Magical World of Glenn Spiro

Born and educated in London, Glenn Spiro trained as a master jeweller with English Artworks and was later appointed as Senior Director of Christie’s and International Specialist of their Jewellery Department. A true innovator and master of gemstones, Spiro unique approach to combining unusual materials with nature’s treasures produces breath-taking, cutting edge designs. What sets Sprio apart is the impact his jewellery makes, often a riot of coloured stones, the pieces may combine traditional precious metals with more innovative materials including titanium and carbon. The forms are bold and unexpected, yet have a calm balance of proportion and scale.


Having seen the G by Glenn Spiro collection at Harrods, I witnessed that each unique piece tells a different story. Was this your intention?


Absolutely. I love gemstones and I am truly passionate about them. All my stones are very old and have a lot of character and history, so each of them tells a unique story. Over the years, I have amassed a huge collection of jewels and I never get bored looking at them, but the best feeling is when I see them on people, as it is so exciting to see the reaction they evoke.


What is the secret to achieving such astonishing results?


We don’t follow the trends or make pieces because they sell well; instead we take our own path, and prefer not to follow the normal business formula. We buy things that we are passionate about and I think this philosophy and approach resonates with a very discerning group of people who come to us for our work, and understand the beauty and rarity of the pieces we present to them.


Where do you see G by Glenn Spiro in 10 years? What are your hopes and dreams for the house?


I hope we will stand the test of time because the level of craftsmanship and the stones we source and work with are unparalleled, and increasingly hard for customers to find.  We operate like an old fashioned atelier creating one of a kind jewels, and I think the top collectors out there today want this, they are bored seeing the same jewels in London, Paris, Hong Kong and New York- they want something truly different.   Due to the natural beauty of the gems we work with, and the intrinsic value they hold, there is also a timeless appeal to our pieces, I sometimes see pieces we created 10 or 15 years ago and they are still as relevant today as they were then.


Spiro delights in the unexpected, be it setting a single diamond on a vibrantly coloured blue or pink titanium band for a collection of engagement rings, or artfully setting pave diamonds on the inside of the shank of an important sapphire ring, the form and aesthetic of his designs are always surprising. No part of the jewel is too insignificant for his attention, who ensures that even the unseen parts of a jewel are expertly finished, and delights in details such as setting diamonds under the center stone of a ring for the owner’s secret enjoyment. It is these unexpected, utterly luxurious details that add to the overall allure of Spiro pieces as a wearable works of art.


Joe Spiro, his son recently joined the family business and alongside his father co-created a breathtaking collection of titanium engagement rings called ‘I Do’. Currently working at the Harrods Salon he deals with some of the most discerning buyers and private clients.


Joe, you now play an integral part of G by Glenn Spiro, having worked on a collection that appeals to a younger generation. Do you think that in the future you will be able to follow in your father’s footsteps and design pieces like him?


I truly hope so, but the task ahead is immense. This was why before joining the business I travel around the world learning as much as I could about the fascinating world of gemstones. My father’s passion has definitely passed on to me and I am really enjoying working with the pieces and seeing peoples reactions to them.  As a designer, some people say that you are either born with it or not, and I think I that I have inherited it as the response to our ‘I Do’ collection has already been great, but its early days.


The collection in Harrods is truly unique and we recommend our readers visit the permanent exhibition in order to truly witness one of the greatest wonders of the jewellery world. While pictures may illustrate the artistic direction of Spiro and reflect his attention to detail, it is nothing when compared to when you hold the pieces or see them worn.  There is a lightness and an artistry to the work that is truly awe inspiring.  The G by Glenn Spiro Salon is based in the heart of Harrods Fine Jewelry Room by the world-renowned stores of Graff, Faberge, De Beers, and Cartier. Ultimately we think what best describes the G by Glenn Spiro Collection is that it is a celebration of life.


Shop at Harrods Fine Jewellery Room or by appointment at Glenn Spiro showroom:

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