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We are delighted to provide advertising, advertorials and expert guest columnist opportunities. 


In order to maximise our clients placement efficiency, enhance return and effectively engage with readers, we provide the following complimentary professional services.

Client Consultation:  One-on-one Q&A and company analysis

aimed to identify: objectives, selling points, strategy

and execution.


Concept Development:  Development of content and visuals according to brand identity.


Professional Photography:  Photo shoot in luxury hotel suite, boardroom or venue and studio product photography

(if required).


Photoshop:  Pictures editorial to maximise visual impact. 


Content Writing:  Company, products and services review by 

award winning Journalists.


Proofreading:  Proofreading service accredited by the

Society For Editors And Proofreaders (SfEP).


Graphic Design:  An innovative, elegant and sophisticated graphic design service.


Client Approval:  Review of adverts/articles with amendments as requirement and final delivery of print and digital versions. 


Our team works with clients to create authoritative, engaging and professional columns, describing expertise, track record and specialist tips for readers. This further enhances the clients position as an expert authority in their selected field.


Availability:  Full Page, Double Page Spread (DPS).

Guest Columnist
Guest Columnist
Guest Columnist


Our Team creates strong visual impact adverts, showcasing your company, product and services.


Adverts are professionally and creatively produced according to your company unique key selling points, market differentiation, brand identify and long term objectives. Alternatively, Clients can supply a print ready PDF advert.


Availability: Full Page and Double Page Spread (DPS).



Our Team review companies, products and services through bespoke Q&A’s with company Senior Representatives, case studies, client’s testimonials and expert analysis. Ultimately, we recommend your company to our reader’s trough a first-class entertaining and engaging review.


Availability: Full Page and Double Page Spread (DPS).

Advertorial / Review
Advertorial / Review
Advertorial / Review


Inside Cover Double Page Spread: 

The first two pages of the magazine. High visual impact.

Inside Back Cover Double Page Spread:

The last two pages of the magazine (before back cover) cannot be missed.

Back Cover:

The second most important page of the publication (after Front Cover).

Front Cover:

We offer the exclusive possibility to appear on the front cover, including tailored content within the magazine. 

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