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Michael Sakhai, The Art of The Pop-up Deal

You have a reputable talent for spotting early talents, what is your secret?

Having been in the art world for the last 30 years and a 3rd generation in the industry, I started out with ancient art, then modern which has evolved into pop, contemporary and street art, I have seen a great deal of artists and interacted with a huge number and diverse range of collectors from all over the world. I find that this gives me the insight to filter from the thousands of artists that approach us every year and I choose just a few to promote

Why do you think that people like street-art and does this form of expression has a future?

Many people think that street art is associated only with artists like Banksy, however this art form is over 50 years old. Street art has now fused with contemporary art to become the fastest growing movement since pop art and accounts for a huge number of sales globally every year. I believe that it is here to stay.

What do you think of Art Basel and other reputable international fairs?

Over the last decade in particular the number of fairs all over the world has increased dramatically as people’s appetite for art increases, both as an investment tool and as a cultural experience, therefore, art businesses try to capitalize on this and reach potential clients at holiday resorts: Hamptons, Monaco, Basel and Frieze.

What does Art means to you?

Everyone has a different taste and likes different types of art, but also peoples’ moods are dynamic, so I think art is a portrayal of what people endeavor and see what resonates with their lives.

How can a price tag be attached to a piece of art? How do you value an item?

Ultimately, I think that this is determined by the market supply and demand. The market is determined by the momentum of the artist’s sales, media and quality of where his works end up in.

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