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Luxury Lifestyle Interior Design, ANNETTE FROMMER

January 16, 2019

With an impressive track record of over twenty-eight years, Belgian-born, Jerusalem based interior designer, Annette Frommer creates some of the most spectacular living spaces in Jerusalem for the high-end observant Jewish market

Solomon Mines Private Jet Review

October 24, 2018

An exclusive review and demo flight of the new £5m Aventi Evo 180 Private Jet from the leading italian manufacture Piaggio Aerospace. Our team, flew alongside top UK Journalists from the luxurious Signautre Flight Aviation Private Jet Lounge at Biggin Hill Airport. The craft, which can accommodate up to 8 passenger to maximum distances of 5 hours is the perfect jet for rapid short international or local travels.

London On Water 2017 Yachting Festival Underway

May 31, 2018

Now in its 3rd time running, London's 4-day festival of yachting due to take place June 8th-11th 2018. Located at St. Katharine Docks, London’s premier marina, London On-Water is London’s No.1 floating yachting and boating festival, where yachts and boats can be seen in their natural element - on the water. With newly upgraded pontoons coinciding with The America's Cup, visitors to be able to  'Book A Sea Trial' feature on the Thames.

The World's Rarest Coffe - Difference Coffe by AMIR GEHL

March 04, 2018

“I only get about six hours sleep a night, but you don’t get much choice when you have got a 20-month-old child. Maybe that is why I got into the coffee business - to keep me going!” Amir Gehl laughs at the notion, but his passion for crafting only the very finest coffee is clearly derived from more than just the challenges of fatherhood. 

Inside The ROTHSCHILD's Vineyard

December 17, 2017

The Rothschild family have been known worldwide for their success in various fields, from banking to business, art, philanthropy and, of course, award-winning wine. Our Wine Connoisseur CLAUDIO MARTINS tastes the estate’s latest produce from Bordeaux to California and Chile

Exclusive Interview: Sean Gilbertson CEO of FABERGE

August 02, 2017

Solomon Mines speaks to Sean Gilbertson about the legacy of Faberge, the upcoming new collections and its vision for the world-class brand. Faberge is well placed on King Street in London, a location that matches the identity of some of its previous and current clients. We meet the CEO at the company boardroom to learn more about this magical brand. Gilbertson is a Mining Engineer and Executive Director of Gemfields. He is highly passionate and knowledgeable about Faberge and methodically describes the long process and fierce competition endured to acquire Faberge and its associated licenses. 

Mayfair's Best-Kept Supercar Secret Revealed

April 22, 2017

Mayfair Prestige is a specialist supercar dealership based in Marylebone. Operating for 8 years, the dealership acquires and sells some of the rarest cars in the world. We speak to Manager DANIEL EDGINGTON about the newest models, industry trends and the vision for the dealerships. 

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