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Steven Spielberg 

Tomer Ben, CEO & Founder of Solomon Mines with Nancy Spielberg

ANNETTE FROMMER: I have been an interior designer for 28 years. As a young girl growing up in Belgium I was attracted to understated European elegance and beauty. It is for this reason that I chose this profession. I believed that I had the ability to offer a

sophisticated design aesthetic that does not feel forced or artificial and I like to think that I have been successful in providing my clients with comfortable living that is beautiful and feels natural, genuine and effortless.


How many projects do you work on each year?


AF: There are many factors that influence the length of a project life cycle and my projects usually run a cycle of two to three years. However, once in a while, I like to take on a project that is a race in time, whose date for completion is ‘against all odds’. I like the stressful, exciting challenges of a project that literally takes my breath away, as if I am running a marathon. In this type of project, I am usually given a ‘carte blanche’ that is always flattering. It is also liberating as I have complete freedom to handle the projects as I see

fit - the decision-making process is much quicker. I am currently working on few penthouses and garden apartments and in 2019 I will be working with three developers on high-end projects where I am in charge of curating the model apartments.

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