Founded in 2014, Solomon Mines is a specialist media-data agency providing bespoke solutions to some of the world’s leading companies.


Our key speciality is the high-net-worth Jewish consumer demographics.



  • Production of the world's leading luxury Jewish Magazine (non-political)

  • The first dedicated Jewish Advertising Network / Global E-commerce platform for B2B / B2C / P2P 

  • Specialised data firm providing personalised, quantitative, predictive analytics utilising AI & big data

  • Full in-house media agency providing bespoke creative services and strategic business development 

  • Events & Awards: First-class event productions in collaboration of leading figures and businesses 

International luxury, Jewish Magazine distributed in 17 countries on a quarterly basis, reaching 258,600 readers.


A complimentary publication, it is the only media outlet worldwide to specifically target a high-net-worth Jewish readership (non-political).

We circulate 35,000 hard-copies across 700+ strategic distribution points and reach readers in 91 countries online via digital, mobile and video contents.

A full in-house marketing agency, providing full-cycle media service: From Brand analysis to market consultation, marketing penetration strategy, creative execution, data reporting and ROI.


Essentially, we help companies reach the world’s Jewish consumer market, sustain brand, grow market base and enhance presence.

The first Jewish advertising network in the world, enabling brands and businesses to reach Jewish consumers demographic, by advertising on our partners websites, newsletters, social media and events.

This provides additional advertising revenues to Jewish related businesses and establishments whilst providing advertisers with access to some of the world's most sought after consumers demographic.

Privacy is paramount as per GDPR.

We organize and curate world’s-leading events for HNW Jewish audiences. Ranging from business panels to awards ceremonies, auctions, charity dinners, VIP experiences and bespoke lifestyle/business events.


We organize international bespoke events for our readers and for our business partners.

We are developing the first Jewish Artificial Intelligence, powered by Big Data and Machine Learning. Providing accurate trends, markets forecasts, predictive analytics and personalized marketing solutions.

Example: How many Kosher wines to be consumed in California during 2022? To-date, no algorithm has the technological capabilities nor data feed to provide accurate estimate, hence we curate inhouse technology with prime focus (specialty) of the global Jewish market: 25 million people.




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